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Emerald Pyramid Earrings
Emerald Pyramid Earrings Sale price$1,195.00
Tiny Emerald Raindrop Necklace
Scarab Pendant with Ruby
Scarab Pendant with Ruby Sale price$1,890.00
Eye Dangle Pendant in Tanzanite
Ruby Suncatcher Necklace
Ruby Suncatcher Necklace Sale price$865.00
Raindrop Earrings in Topaz
Raindrop Earrings in Topaz Sale price$1,495.00
Beaded Necklace
Beaded Necklace Sale price$810.00
11:11 Dangle Ring in Raspberry
11:11 Dangle Ring in Raspberry Sale price$2,248.00
Berry Hoops
Berry Hoops Sale price$975.00
Raindrop Earrings in Green Tourmaline
Emerald Eye Dangle Pendant
Emerald Eye Dangle Pendant Sale price$942.00
Lumen Necklace in Green Tourmaline
Tiny Watermelon Eye Dangle Necklace
Tiny Blue Raindrop Earrings
Tiny Blue Raindrop Earrings Sale price$975.00
Sold outTiny Bicolor Eye Pendant
Tiny Bicolor Eye Pendant Sale price$495.00
Eye Droplet Stud in Peridot
Eye Droplet Stud in Peridot Sale price$1,110.00
Tanzanite Eye Dangle Necklace
Tanzanite Eye Dangle Necklace Sale price$1,955.00
Gem Droplet Anklet
Gem Droplet Anklet Sale price$625.00
Aztec Rain Necklace
Aztec Rain Necklace Sale price$2,100.00
Tiny Raindrop Earrings in Watermelon Tourmaline
Eye Droplet Studs in Tanzanite
Eye Droplet Studs in Tanzanite Sale price$1,110.00
Topaz Eye Dangle Pendant
Topaz Eye Dangle Pendant Sale price$1,010.00